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August 14, 2017 - Am feeling, While using the U.S. diplomatic mission in Russia currently being informed to scale back its personnel by 755 employees by September 1, 2017 in response to US sanctions and a newfound disappointment by Putin in Trump, is actually a activity of timing.  Inspite of that Russia voted for sanctions in opposition to North Korea, on condition that Russia enhanced its trade with North Korea by seventy three per cent in the main two months of this year, provided the new more and more unpleasant provocations concerning the US and NK, it looks like a wonderful time for making a grab for Belarus (or any other little former Soviet fish) while the US is occupied on the opposite facet with the Earth.  This fall feels unstable.

April sixteen, 2017 - As the planet reorganizes its alliances as A fast response to expanding army confrontations throughout the world, and The us watches North Korea's failed missile attempt (in large contrast to his purposefully scary parade of more recent and bigger missiles, I feel, based on a aspiration, the "1st shot" or "opening salvo" (which feels inescapable with the planet Management monopolized by testosterone-crammed male leaders jockeying for superiority and not able to hold an estrogen-design discussion initially) will probably be fired at The us in h2o.

  I wasn't positive if that meant that Israel chose to invade with its 40,000 Military reservists and by some means "break up" Gaza in two items by strategically separating the north from the southern Section of the Gaza Strip by armed service force, or if it intended something different. 

  9 women have now progressed to claim he "groped" them a long time back.  Given his unflattering bus video statements combined with his recurring misogynist attacks on Women of all ages, his try to persuade People in america that he "loves Gals greater than any one" just isn't going to fly. 

I looked everything up, the ideal I could think of was "Devoid of Will all will declare Lord/Dictator", and because Bellerophon was a mythic Greek hero who rode Pegasus and slayed the Chimera, I do think probably he represents Hillary/Bernie slaying the Trump Chimera? I am progressively worried about the end result from the election, I've browse your messages about this. What do you concentrate on these messages?"

  Inner domestic American tampering with elections is not really new.  Current undercover movies of Challenge Veritas have exposed Clinton campaign operatives saying to own instigated violence at Trump rallies and arranged voter electoral rigging. (See YouTube video clip).  Although leftist media insists there's no rigging taking place within our elections, a lot more conservative media is giving up startling examples of rigging on either side of your isle. (See Washington Periods post). 

Current on July 7, 2017 - Now we can easily increase actor Jim Carrey on the expanding listing of individuals have have expressed a need to harm Trump.  Even though defending Kathy Griffin's "comedy" of Keeping Trump's severed head, he admitted that he had dreamed about attacking Trump using a golfing club.

Oct 22, 2012 - A solar flare within the Sunlight will scrape a mountain in Palestine as well as pottery gate, similar to a hook from the sixth Hebrew letter, while in the ninth Hebrew thirty day period of Cheslv.  The calendar year hasn't been supplied, as of however, but we must pay attention November by way of January.  A mountain in Palestine as well as pottery gate (East gate of Jerusalem) will probably be scraped such as the sixth Hebrew letter (V as being the image of connection) by the plasma and heat from your Solar, and it would be the 1st indicator for everyone to pay attention.  It will be the instant when men and women of Earth  will develop into conscious of how vulnerable we really are being a species and be enlightened of our misuse of your resources of Earth.

) proposed last month the outcome could eventually be rigged!! It begins to really feel a little bit much like the presidential election in 2000 concerning Bush and Gore which needed to be made a decision because of the US Supreme Court docket choice (Bush v. Gore, 531 US 98 (2000)) during which the Republican-appointee dominated Court docket hastily resolved (so as to ensure the orderly hand-more than of your presidency) which the Republican Florida Secretary of Condition's certification of a certain technique of counting Florida's electoral votes (so as not to incorporate the "hanging chad" votes on which the voters experienced handwritten their intended candidate) amounted to your conclusive victory for Republican applicant George W. Bush.  Subsequently, researchers concluded if these legitimate votes were included in the tally Gore would've been president!  Only this time, Individuals are not fairly as complacent to simply accept a rigged final result.

  But why?  I could care significantly less!  Has she turned a corner?  Has she knowledgeable a change of heart and now has begun to find out the planet and geopolitics in a far more nurturing light-weight?  Has she eventually tossed the pink sweaters and "mom pleasant" communicate in exchange for one thing a lot more genuine if she decides to run for president?

C. and not robbed, right after staying accused of having leaked the DNC e-mails that revealed the DNC was conspiring with Clinton to reduce Bernie Sanders since the Democractic nominee.  Mainstream media was unusually silent with regard to the younger male's Demise.  Assange appears to feel that Senator Bernie Sanders can have a renewed opportunity in the presidency if Clinton finally ends up in jail.  Intriguing.  Possibly that is a attainable interpretation on why I felt in my prediction higher than their is an odd "sameness" about Trump and Clinton inside their bid with the presidency... Most likely it is actually for neither of these.

)  The thought of the "noosphere"was further more designed because of the hugely respected Soviet crystal minerologist and geochemist, Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945).  Based on Wikipedia: "In Vernadsky's theory of your Earth's growth, the noosphere would be the 3rd stage while in the earth's growth, once the geosphere (inanimate make a difference) and the biosphere (biological existence).  Equally as the emergence of everyday living essentially remodeled the geosphere, the emergence of human cognition will basically remodel the biosphere."  That is why the "noosphere" will be the 3rd condition of human evolution.  Vayno seems to have latched on to this concept of evolution and his "Nooscope" device allegedly can "interpret and deal with entire world functions" through what seems to be some ability to "tap into world consciousness" Despite the fact that no one looks apparent on how it may do that.  (See posting in Day-to-day Mail).

"Denton has an excellent plinth from which to proclaim his strident anti-Soviet sights. He is chairman of a different Judiciary Subcommittee on Safety and Terrorism. At recent hearings, Denton depicted a pervasive, top secret Soviet influence within the U.S. and instructed that Moscow had stopped in need of making use of terrorism On this nation only to leave The us "a sleeping large" till too late.

Updated January 25, 2015 - The Big apple Instances claimed two days in the past the conflict in Ukraine has out of the blue exploded.  The post states:  "Unexpectedly, at the peak with the Ukrainian Winter season, war has exploded anew with a 50 %-dozen battered fronts across japanese Ukraine, accompanied by rising evidence that Russian troops and Russian devices are already pouring into your location once again. A shaky stop-hearth has all but vanished, with rebel leaders vowing fresh attacks."  The peace settlement signed in Minsk is clearly lifeless.  But I don't realize why this was so "unanticipated."  Assuming Ukraine tried to preempt a Russian-backed separatist assault scheduled for January seventeen therefore supplying the Russians a pretense to turn all around and accuse Ukraine of breaking the peace, wherever is The nice shock?

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